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Wongalea Angus and Shorthorns

Not only are we into our horses but also put a lot of time and effort into producing top quality Cattle. Originally we just had a large commercial herd but over the last couple of years Lachie has stepped into showing and breeding Angus and Shorthorns under the Name "Wongalea". "Wongalea" was formally owned by Lachie's grandfather Bruce Beaumont at Dorrigo, but on selling the farm and moving on with life the stud name and a handpicked very high quality load of stud cows joined the enterprise here in Tamworth.

When breeding cattle we look to be producing the best looking and most effiecient yielding animals that we possibly can. The cattle industry today is very strong and the stay at the best end of the industry you need to be breeding very efficent animals. "Wongalea Angus and Shorthorns" strive to breed well muscled animals with super temprements to ensure the highest quality cuts of meat can be produced.

If your looking to enhance the quality of your herd contact us today to discuss sale Bulls, joined and un-joined females.

"Wongalea, a brand of quality"